So I watched the Democratic National Convention last night and there was one thing  that really stood out to me.  Before I get into that let me start by telling you I hate politics.  I hate everything about it.  I hate that in the entire US of A there are only 2 people for us to choose from for President and the best 2 people are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I hate that there are only 2 sides for politicians and you can’t really cross over except for on rare occasions.  I hate that politicians on the right and the left are constantly drawing lines to divide people.  There’s a “war on women”, there’s “the hispanic vote”, there’s poor, rich, forgotten, 99%ers, 1%ers, and so on and so forth.  I hate that every politician lies, they lie so much that I’m more surprised when the they tell the truth.  When I hear that such and such a politician told 567 lies in their speech the night before I’m not surprised.  All they do is lie.  I hate that I have friends that are so bought in to one political party that they assume that everyone from the other party either hates poor people, black people, rich people, or white people.

That being said, the thing that I found completely ironic last night was the number of signs I saw that said this:


That’s a slogan that’s true, however, those signs were being waved around as the speakers chosen to represent the Democrats were being hateful and zooming in on Donald Trump.  Obviously, he is their enemy, the man they must defeat in order to win the Oval Office, the guy that is vulgar, hateful, nasty, and undignified, but if you really believe that “love trumps hate” then you need to decide to demonstrate that and hold your head high and learn how to speak with love rather than hate.  Talk about how great Hillary is instead of how awful Donald is.  To me it’s an easy thing to do if you think about it ahead of time.  I think that the FLOTUS did that perfectly.  If ever there was someone who was able to make what they do look effortless, it was her.  Her speech was heartfelt and emotional and she did not mention Donald Trump once.  What she did is made a case for what she believed in and walked away.  Well done, Michelle Obama.  Maybe you should be running for President…

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